Lindsey Boyden

Let's Trade

Let's Trade is a San Francisco based multilateral bartering network. Local companies can buy and sell directly without the use of cash.This is ideal for businesses that are looking to lower their expenses, build profits and conserve cash, and to interact with new markets.

The Design Challenge

Proposed by Twitter and Airbnb: Can mobile technology and big data help build a smarter city?

Members can post an offer,ask for a product or service in return, and browse through the most recent barter offers. Once a provider is found, you can send a message to initiate a trade. Correspondance can go two rounds before initial offer expires.

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The Creative Process: The Design Evolution of the landing page for mobile.

The Final Design for the Mobile App Landing Page

The Problem: (Current economic problems make) conducting small, local business difficult due to a lack of access to capital and credit.

The Solution: Non-traditional, bi-directional barter exchange network for San Francisco's small businesses. Through a mobile network, members can grow their business,create community, and make a smarter San Francisco.

User Profiles: Let's Make a Trade!

Two members are able to search for services and products. Below is a barter flow chart explaining the user experience.

User Flowchart

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